Terms and conditions

1. The general terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of the online store www.climb-holds.com are drawn up in accordance to the Consumer protection law, Law on protection of personal data and the Law on electronic communication.

The online store ( www.climb-holds.com ) ( henceforth “store”) is managed by the company SCHLAMBERGER P & J D.O.O, Novo Polje c. X/13, 1260 Ljubljana, registration number: 1581759, tax number: SI5850066, who is also the e-commerce service provider ( henceforth also the seller ) www.climb-holds.com.

The general terms and conditions of business determine the functioning of the online store www.climb-holds.com, the rights and obligations of the user and the store. Furthermore, they determine the business relation between the www.climb-holds.com and buyer what’s more they determine the rule of purchase at the pick-up sites of the company SCHLAMBERGER P & J D.O.O.

2. The Purchase Process

If you wish to see what is available for purchase, simply search the website http://www.climb-holds.com. When you find the item which you wish to purchase select »Add to cart« and define the quantity. When your order contains the quantity of the items which you wish to purchase, login if you wish to continue, or register if this is your first purchase in the online store. Then you enter your shipping and payment information (credit card information) and in the final stage confirm your purchase.

You will receive the verification of a successful purchase on your email

Payment options:

  1. Via money transfer to the sellers current account
  2. Credit card payment
  3. Payment via Paypal

Note: Your card has not been debited for the amount indicated at the time of confirming your entry of data. The data will be verified, and your expenses reserved. For your protection the system does not allow debiting your card for a higher amount than that of your order, and for security reasons, your card number will not be displayed. The supplier will see only the transaction number which is sent for payment or the cancellation of the order if the order cannot be carried out for some reason.

All the prices of the items are in euros and include 22 % of Slovenian VAT (value added tax). All orders are subject to current prices. When making a purchase we will take into account the price of the items at the time of payment confirmation.

3. Payment and credit cards

In the case of credit card payments, the following conditions apply:

  • the payer (user account information) must be the same person or organization as the payment or credit card holder,
  • after confirmation of receipt of the order, it is not possible to change the contents of the order or the final amount of the order, except exceptionally with approval.

4. Access to Information

www.climb-holds.com agrees to provide the buyer with the following information before being bound by contract or offer:

  1. business information of Schlamberger P & J d.o.o (company name and registered office, registration number),
  2. contact information, which provide the buyer with a fast and reliable form of communication (e-mail, phone number),
  3. main attributes of items (this includes after sale-services and warranties) and the time in which this information is valid
  4. availability of items (every item on offer in the online store should be acquired in a reasonable amount of time),
  5. Delivery conditions (delivery method, place and the delivery time),
  6. Prices, must be clear and unambiguously determined, it must be evident whether they already include taxes, delivery expenses and other charges. The validity period of this information must be given
  7. the method of payment and delivery or fulfilment and the validity period of this information
  8. the time period of the offer
  9. the period in which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal (the description of rights in accordance to The consumer protection law; in the event that the consumer doesn’t have the right to withdraw in accordance to the Consumer protection right he or she will be explicitly informed),
  10. clarification of the complaint procedure, including contact information with customer service.

5. Invoicing

With the delivery of the ordered items, the customer receives the invoice in pdf format by mail. In case of a personal pick-up, the buyer receives a printed invoice for the purchased items upon their pick-up. The buyer receives an invoice for each order or multiple deliveries of the same order.

The invoice contains a price breakdown with all costs associated with the purchase and a notice of the order cancelation option.

The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the information before placing the order. Later objections to the invoices issued are not taken into account.

6. Privacy and Data protection

The provider is committed to protect your privacy. All personal information of an online store user is confidential and will in no way be disclosed to any unauthorized person.

We do not disclose the information you provide to us to third parties, except for the purpose of confirming the validity of your credit card purchase, product delivery, marketing and promotion. The provider takes all necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of personal data. The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his or her username and password and the appropriate software (antivirus) protection of his or her computer.

7. Purchase notification process

1. www.climb-holds.com order

After placing the order, the buyer will receive an email notification that the order has been accepted. The member of www.climb-holds.com always has access to the status and the content of the order on the website www.climb-holds.com. www.climb-holds.com examines the order, checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms or rejects it with reason. climb-holds.com may call the buyer at his or hers contact telephone number for data verification or for reasons of accuracy. With the purchase of products that www.climb-holds.com does not manufacture (Squadra Polyurethane Holds, Voltomic, Wooden holds, Fixings) and is solely bound to the delivery of its supplier and the time within which that supplier can deliver the item to www.climb-holds.com. Via e-mail www.climb-holds.com informs the buyer of up-to-date information regarding the product delivery. If the delivery time is too long and the buyer does not want to wait, he or she can notify www.climb-holds.com and we will remove the item from the order and release any funds reserved. The buyer also has the option to cancel the order, substitute an item or accept partial delivery. If a third-party supplier does not confirm climb-holds.com the availability of the items ordered within two weeks from the date of placing the order, www.climb-holds.com may cancel the buyer's order because the item is not available. From the day of cancelation the buyer’s order expires www.climb-holds.com holds no responsibility for damage resulting from long lead times or from the delivery of items that www.climb-holds.com does not stock in its own warehouse, except to the extent when a www. climb-holds.com person in charge, deliberately or negligently causes the damage.

2. The order is shipped/The order is ready for collection.

www.climb-holds.com prepares, sends or prepares for personal collection within the agreed timeline and informs the buyer via e-mail. www.climb-holds.com also informs the buyer via e-mail about the policy of withdrawing from the contract, where to turn in case of delay in delivery and where to turn in case of complaint.

Should the buyer decide to cancel the order in due time, he must immediately inform the seller of this at the general telephone number 01 549 11 00 or by e-mail at info@climb-holds.com . If the order is already shipped, the buyer can reject acceptance to the delivery service. In case of personal pickup (when the item is ready for pickup), the buyer also informs his or her wish to cancel the order via the above-mentioned telephone number or via the e-mail above.

8. Purchase of legal entities

The process of buying for legal entities is identical to that of a physical person, expect in the first step select to buy as a company option and agree with the terms and conditions . If you have already purchased something for as your company you can select it in the archive.

If you wish to buy as a company, accept the terms and conditions which apply for companies. The main difference is the option to cancel the contract: companies, freelancers and other legal entities are allowed the return of items within the warranty period. The legal entities listed don’t have the option to cancel the contract within days after collection without any given reason, as is the case with consumers ( natural persons ).

9. Contract cancellation

The consumer has the right to contact the supplier and cancel contract in the first fourteen days after the collection of items without giving cause or reason. The fourteen-day deadline starts a day after the items have been collected.

The consumer shall notify www.climb-holds.com the cancellation to the email : info@climb-holds.com

In case of cancellation must be returned to the supplier's address:
Schlamberger P & J d.o.o
Robova cesta 49
1360 Vrhnika

The return of the items to the company within the cancellation period will be understood as a contract cancellation.

The items must be returned to the supplier undamaged and in the same quantity except when the item is ruined, defective or its quantity reduced without any fault of the consumer. The consumer mustn’t freely use the items until the cancellation of the contract. The consumer is allowed to view and test the items to the extent that is absolutely necessary for determining the actual state if the product. Testing of an item that deviates from the above listed is considered as usage of the items meaning that the consumer loses the right to withdraw from the contract.

The only expense the consumer has due to withdrawal from the contract are the returning expanses, (which, if sent, is charged to the delivery service price list and it depends on whether it is a package or a shipment). The items must be returned to the supplier in the 14 days after the sent message for contract withdrawal (purchase).

Payments will be refunded as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after receiving the contract cancellation information and inspecting the returned items.

Contract withdrawal is not possible for items:

  • for items, that are made according to the exact instructions of the consumer and are adapted to his personal needs. Climbing holds are always made from the specific instructions of the buyer. The consumer determines the colour of the product.
  • for service provided in case the company has fully fulfilled the contract and the service has commenced on the basis of the consumer’s explicit prior consent, with the consent that he loses the right to withdraw from the contract once the company has fully fulfilled it.

10. Delivery

The contractual partner for the delivery of shipments is DPD. The buyer will cover the postage alone if the purchase amount is less than 2000 €, otherwise the shipping costs are free of charge.